Let My Eyes Rain
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 Too blind to accept the truth, The signs were there,
I never noticed them.
No need for pity
Cause I got me.
I can support myself.
Apology is not the right medicine
Let my ears go to sleep
Let my soul pause for now
Let my lips rest for once
And let my eyes rain.
Just because the sky does,
Doesn't mean your eyes should too.
Too death to listen to facts. Got a feeling it's all an act. Just give it up.
No need for sympathy
I got family,
They can support me.
Don't tell me, not to cry.
You're making me so shy.
And tears need to set free.
But you don't know me that well, do you?
The stuttering says it all.
You're not worth it.
I want to erase you from my memory.


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Table of Contents

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