Candyfloss Beard
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While technology was king There was a young girl Who loved to twirl
And play with her curls
She received a laptop Her heart went pop And she felt on top
In her bedroom
She found a potential groom
She thought could wash away the gloom
A huge trance
From an electronic romance Where the two longed to dance
Her Romeo
To cleanse woe Whose spirit glows
He offered her a throne And promised they'd atone But said she had to go alone
So she slipped on some gloss
She was sure there would be no loss Her issues were ready to be tossed
But she had no Romeo She had a monster
 with a candyfloss beard
he crashed and burned failing to take her with him.
She felt like a fool
And it wasn't cool
She wondered how could he be so...

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Table of Contents

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