Poppy Dolly
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Poppy, you're my best friend. Poppy, you will never end.
You have no heart and brain,
To think joy and pain.
You don't have a mouth blind eyes, To see and speak lies.
No nose or fingers,
To smell the badness that lingers. You don't no bones and toes,
So you can't walk on my woes.
I shake your hand,
As you wear a band.
I drew some lips,
As you wear some clips.
I knit you a nose,
as you stand there froze.
I glue you some eyes,
As I can't disguise
That you still have no brain To feel thunder and rain, And no heart
To pump life in your art.
Poppy when I hug you. I am no longer blue. Even in my old age, You're not the cage
of lost memories.


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Table of Contents

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