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Feels deeper than the deep blue sea Described taller than any tree Stronger than steal
and feels almost unreal
It will show your strongest points,
But it will show your weakest points also.
Yearning, flaunting, smiling, caring, fighting,
Groping, licking, sucking, tasting, feeling, longing Cheating, lying, trying, dumbing, returning, flying Touching, kissing, petting, hugging, holding, helping crying, dying, changing, loving, hating, sexing, arguing turning, killing, thrilling, spilling, hurting, looking, searching
coming, thrusting, clustering, trusting, bonding and satisfying.
Looking into each other's eyes.... There's a whole new world out there.... Just for them and nobody else.
How I've longed for a precious soulmate like that
To grow, to laugh, to cry, to sleep and to liv...

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Table of Contents

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