Black Whisper
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Voices locked up in his head. Spirits partying, causing havoc. The excessive shaking is like Watching a tree in vicious wind.
The white powder decorated his nose.
Leaky eyes too depressing to ignore.
Whatever it was that caused his pain,
The substance has attacked the core of his brain.
He's a shadow of his former-self.
The sweetness in his personality was melted. He is dead as far as I'm concerned.
It's the drugs that had pelted him.
When he opens his mouth,
A voice of fear speaks out. When he is silent, he pouts. When he is not loud, in my ear He gives me the black whisper.
I was frozen after my gasp.
He stepped away from me fast. Jumping quickly into the window As the glass split into pieces.
I screamed as I ran to the brok...

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Table of Contents

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