Don’t Drink On October 31st
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With open arms I welcome you to Saltaire.
I wonder what has brought you here?
Is it the village delights beyond compare,
or do Victorian times hold you dear?

But alas, my new best friend;
I'm only trying to be nice. 
Troubles times are round the bend
if you don't heed my simple advice. 

I know you're going to shed a tear,
but don't drink on October 31st –
not even a tiny drop of golden beer. 
There are other ways to quench your thirst.

You see Titus Salt; God bless his soul,
dislikes alcohol-induced immaturity. 
He built this village and made it whole. 
So have your tipple in any other city. 

If you get drunk on Halloween,
Titus Salt is a ghost that must be feared...

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