Salted Caramel Latte
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Raspberry Latte was designed with beauty. 
Raspberry Latte was marketed as healthy.

Raspberry Latte was made iced for summer. 
Raspberry Latte was heated up for winter. 

Raspberry Latte was brewed with love.
Raspberry Latte didn't impress Miss Dove.

"What's wrong?" Mr Dove asks his daughter.
"This is milky dishwater with sugar thrown in."

"Well, healthy drinks aren't always tasty."
"This has more sugar in it than a doughnut."

"I think I'd rather have the doughnut."
"Good choice, avoid this expensive muck."

"Well, I always thought that it sounded yuck."

"I shouldn't have bought it in a rush:
I really thought it was going to be lush..." 


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