Cinnamon Latte
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I'm just a coffee minion,
Who enjoys latte with cinnamon.
I'm just an old cinnamon roll,
Who has dreams of going to Seoul.

Now I don't want to be cliché,
But I want a chalet in Calais .
Now I don't want to cause any foul play,
But I'm not bound to serve and obey.

I'm sorry to be the latecomer,
But I had a run-in with a plumber.
I'm sorry I had to do a runner,
But I just can't stand the silver thunder.

Thank you for your company,
I hope I didn't bring any misery.
Thank you for your generosity,
I have never felt so bubbly.

Now please don't call me a daft pigeon,
My head isn't as empty as an onion.
I'm just a coffee minion,
Who enjoys a latte with cinnamon.


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