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The two mocha were so different
One was dark chocolate, the other white.
Dark mocha was sprinkled with cinnamon dust.
White mocha was veiled in cocoa snow.

I always sit here. Those who snitch my seat
Are greeted with an unkind stare from me
I always sit in this seat. I watch what's going on. 

I can charge devices under my feet.
And take selfies without stern faces.
The sound of ringtones buzz by. 
The jazz album on repeat all day.

Good not to be in work today. 
Good to actually have time for myself.
Good to be undisturbed for once. 
Good to be in the sun, and it's only just begun.

I see them come in. I see them go home.
I see the town flourish And then go to bed.

I had t...

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