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Chamomile: the rose lily of the river Nile.
Chamomile: a tongue twister for a Francophile.
Chamomile: the herbal tile. 
Chamomile: a floral pile.
Chamomile: a lesson for the juvenile. 
Chamomile: an odd thing for the lemon reptile.
Chamomile: the daisy to the crocodile.
Chamomile: a tea to make one smile.
Chamomile: a gift for those old and senile.
Chamomile: a picture for the Facebook profile.
Chamomile: who goes that extra mile.
Chamomile: who always aims for a fair trial.
Chamomile: yellow and fertile.
Chamomile: spraying its sensitive style.
Chamomile: a cheeky hot drink meanwhile.
Chamomile: back for a little while.
Chamomile: the velvet restyle.


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Table of Contents

Series Info