Moving On, Seamlessly and Without Issue
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It's been a while since I wrote, even though I've had a burning desire to sit down and express what I've been feeling. And it's A LOT!

But I'll start with last night. 

I had a nightmare. It was a scary dream about Halloween and people being evil and wanting to hurt others just because. There was a man in a mask who was chasing me. I battled him with a sword. And I thought I killed him. But he wouldn't die. At every turn, he found a way to continue living. I was jumping from rooftops, hiding in enormous houses, slaying him with the help of others. And still, he lived. 

Finally, I woke up and began praying the demons away. I prayed in a whisper so the words would manifest themselves. "Let no evil come near me or my family. I stand behind the powe...

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