Laughing at Others' Demise
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This is not a graphic story, but it may be difficult to read if you’ve recently lost a pet. 


I’ve known my brother in law for about half of my life. In all this time, he’s proven himself to be funny, easygoing, crude, and sometimes just plain rude. I’ve learned to not listen to him, especially when he teases and says things to rile me up. 


Case in point: he laughed and “joked” when I discovered that my cat was missing. “My tough dog ate your dainty cat for lunch,” he said. “The feral neighborhood cats got him – may he rest in pieces.” I was so upset that I wanted to tell him that when his dog got hurt, I would laugh to see how he liked it. Immediately, I felt terrible for even thinking of his dog being hurt. How could I ever laugh at a poor animal in pain?   


I cried when I got home. It was hearbreaking, thinking my cat could be hurt or dead. I felt terrible, thinking I shouldn’t ever have shooed the cat outside for being naughty, pooping on the beds rather than his cat litter. But Lou Lou preferred being outside! Was I supposed to force him to live indoors? We had adopted him almost two years ago - he was a senior, an old dude, and I wanted him to live his best life. There was no telling what kind of life he’d had prior to our home. 


I was at work the next day when I got a text from my brother in law. “I found Lou Lou,” he said, and he’d included a picture of a dead cat. I was already having a bad day, and just seeing those words, combined with that picture, was the worst kind of news. I began crying, then sobbing. I couldn’t imagine the pain that this cat had endured. This had once been a live animal! This must’ve been someone’s beloved pet! Thankfully, it wasn’t my cat, just one that looked like him. My brother in law thought it would be hilarious to make me look twice – this was just a dead cat he happened to find while at work, something that had never occurred. 


Months passed. I made peace with the fact that I may never see my cat again, although he’s chipped and I’ve put up posters. My best friend, a cat lover, told me that Lou Lou loves me, and that he understood that I love him too. Hearing her say that brought me peace. The pain of losing a pet began to fade. 


About a month ago, I was working on my sister’s yard. Since I don’t have dogs, I totally forgot about closing the back gate, and I left it open while I went inside for a drink. The dogs ran out. One of the dogs was located at animal control a few days later. 


His beloved dog? I’m sorry to say, but today he got a call from animal control. The dog had been found more than two hours from here. It had been tortured and shot. It’s still alive, but it’s in very bad shape. I feel terrible that it was my fault that the dogs ran out. I feel guilty over my thoughts about the dog being hurt. I feel sad that my brother in law now understands my pain and sadness. I am not laughing at his demise. 

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