La Bestia (2)
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The captain of the second most powerful ship, the Victorioso, was a dark man named Juan de la Vega. He was in his late forties, but this his hair was still jet black. His favourite form of conversation was grunting, and he always wore a frown on his face. His first mate was Iñigo de Borja y Velasco, and while just as unpleasant in a conversation, was tall and rapier thin. Men feared when he held a blade in his hand.

The third ship was the Glorioso. It’s captain was Sancho de Rojas y Torres, a man closer to Drake in age, or appearance anyway. The only thing Sancho loved more than sailing was rum, and was the life of any social event. His first mate was a capable younger man named Diego Pimentel, with great muscled arms and wide, broad shoulders. His nickname was el Toro.


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Table of Contents

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