I Thought You Died Alone (2)
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nodded. I finished as quickly as I could. "Adam knew, I think, what I was doing. And let me pretend. He was generous."

Ruby held her hand over her breasts as if to still her heart. "We need some more bread," she said, and stood up. She went into the kitchen and left Crom and I alone again.

"No one wants bread, Rube," Crom called. Then he looked at me, straight on, his deep set green eyes, and placed his huge hands on his huge knees. "I'm not," he said. "Your dad."

"I know," I whispered. My voice was gone.

"You are like a daughter," he said. He was always so gentle, so nice. "Why we always hoped--"

He'd given me back something. This was why I'd wanted him for a father. "Hoped we had a thing?&quo...

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