Though I Wasn't There (2)
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me, shocked; I had their full attention.

"Enough," I repeated, more quietly. "Adam is dead. There's blood everywhere. You two need to shut up and leave." I sat again, heavily.

Zan pushed herself off the counter, smoothed down her shirt. "Yes," she said. "Exactly. I am leaving."

That was that. She walked out, still cool, still serene. She even held the door behind her so it wouldn't slam.

Love still hadn't moved. And she wasn't going to, she informed me. "I am going to stay here and mop the floor and put the chairs away," she said. "You are going to go lie down." She dropped her apron back over her head.

I couldn't let her, but my argument was tired. "I can't--"

"You didn't ask me,"...

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