Though I Wasn't There (1)
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Part III: Though I Wasn't There

Crom could only hold Ruby for so long. They say adrenaline gives super strength, and watching Ruby fight the strongman -- though he was near 70 and she near 350 pounds -- I could believe it. -- "Murder!" she screamed, and, each time she did, weakened Crom's grip on her.

The mayor'd come down from the stage. She stood above the Armingtons, saying reassuring words, but whatever they were, they were drowned under Ruby's screams and Crom's grunts, the town circled around like kids watching a schoolyard brawl.

It was deafening, though I couldn't pick out any one sound. I hurtled the counter, but not in time.

Ruby threw off her husband like a blanket, sprung up, and, using all her weight and all her length, all that po...

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