Epilogue: The Fire In The Sky Chapter 2 (1)
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At first, nothing penetrated the void; there was only the emptiness through which his consciousness floated. Slowly, the sound of wind slipping between the leaves of trees high above made itself known.

He felt at one with the breeze, as if it was the exhalation of Mother Earth herself. It tickled his skin, beckoning him to come and play—to awaken and return to the land of the living. His eyes fluttered open and he stared up at the green canopy of the forest, wondering where he was and how he had gotten there; he tried to move but intense pain in his head and legs made the world shimmer and then he was gone again.

Later, when he returned to consciousness for a second time, he saw the same verdant treetops swaying gently in the unseen zephyrs. His head still felt lik...

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