The Beginning Of The End Chapter 2 (2)
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“All that I have left to offer, I will show unto thee. Now, step forward and see.”

The Oracle reached out and grasped both men’s hands. Tim felt a strange sensation of freezing cold as soon as their palms touched, but it was accompanied by deep resounding warmth swirling in counterpoint. He breathed deeply, trying to bring himself to a meditative state; before he could achieve even the most cursory serenity, though, he had a sensation of falling.

Visions flew rapidly through his mind. They moved too quickly for him to make sense of them, but he had managed to make note of a few stark images. He was certain that he had seen an old man holding an American flag, waving it with deference and defiance—a man who looked similar to Jack Hennison, only harder—weathered by his ye...

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