The Beginning Of The End Chapter 2 (1)
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Tim felt his consciousness drifting through space and time as if he were made of pure energy. He couldn’t say how long he had been floating, but he knew that something was wrong. He could feel the pulse of the universe beating all around him as he traveled; it was moving too fast, as if it was afraid. He couldn’t ascertain the source of its fear but he sensed something lurking in the illimitable void—an antipodal being: the darkness to his light, the evil to his good.

Suddenly, out of the black, its face appeared. The Creature grinned with razor sharp fangs as its eyes flashed with death. Tim shut his own eyes instinctively, and when he opened them again, he found himself standing in Rhianna’s shop; the seer sat at her table in a trance.

Tim approached the w...

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