Lusus Naturae III: The Darkness Chapter 5 (3)
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When he was finally able to look away, he convulsed as if having a seizure, feeling coldness running through his veins as if his heart suddenly began pumping ice.

“I have been working on this project for quite some time, cultivating its phases and trimming the excess limbs when necessary. As the final pieces fell slowly into place, I realized that I needed aid in completing my work. I had destroyed Brody when it appeared that his usefulness had expired, but I found that I had made a mistake…therefore, I brought him back.

“I couldn’t allow such a dark soul to return to the Stream.”

Vladimir was stunned. He looked over at the pitiable thing standing across the room and felt a pang of sorrow for it; the not-man appeared to be dying once again…or perhaps yea...

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