Lusus Naturae III: The Darkness Chapter 5 (2)
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“So, Officer Barintov, I have decided to appoint you to the position of Captain. This is unheard of for a man of your station, but for now it must suffice, at least until after the Operation is finished. Then we can discuss moving you to Major or perhaps Lieutenant Colonel. I need you to sign here, stating that you accept your newfound responsibility as per the conditions outlined within.”

The general slid a piece of paper towards Vladimir; he never saw the silver flash making its way towards his face. Vladimir brought his right hand up swiftly, driving the letter opener deep into the general’s eye and bursting it with a gelatinous plop; he removed the blade from the socket and jabbed it through the general’s wind pipe before he even had a chance to scream.

A sickening hiss...

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