Lusus Naturae III: The Darkness Chapter 4 (2)
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The chairs were still lined up in their perfectly formed rows as the lectern stood guard at the head of the room. He held his breath so that he could hear better, listening for any indication of another presence. The sounds of the base filtered in from the distance—otherwise all was still.

Cautiously, he crept his way across the room, stumbling into a metal folding chair and knocking it to the floor with a loud clang. Jumping at the din, he cursed angrily and kicked the fallen seat, sending it careening against the wall. The sound of its crash was overpowered by another, deeper one: low laughter.

It began slowly but gained volume and intensity, becoming a sinister gale.

“Who’s there?”

Vladimir reached down and unclasped the strap on his holster for the second time t...

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