Miracles And Misfortunes: The Reading Chapter 2 (6)
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As soon as the psychic eavesdropper departed, Rhianna fell backwards to the floor, letting out a bloodcurdling scream. She turned her terrified eyes up towards Tim and he could see that she had no clue of where she was. Scrambling back against the wall, she looked frantically from side to side, resting her gaze ultimately on Tim’s scared and confused face.

“Stay away!” she cried out. “Estás marcado! Está viniendo para usted!” she hissed, making the sign of the cross before pointing at Tim in accusation.

“Muerte! Muerte! Nada pero muerte!”

Tim was dumbstruck. Acting out of reflex, he reached out to try to pick up the fallen woman, but she rolled away from him, kicking up a thin film of dust as she continued to scream.

“Dios te salv...

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