Miracles And Misfortunes: The Reading Chapter 2 (4)
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“The sixth card represents future influence. It shows the sphere of influence that the questioner is about to enter. This card is placed before the questioner.”

Tim surveyed the picture; it didn’t look good. A lightning bolt zigzagged out of the sky, striking a large stone tower. Caught in the pile of earthbound boulders as the tower crumbled was a man falling headfirst to his death. At the base of the ruined tower lay another man who also appeared to be dead. Above the scene sat the number “XVI.”

“La Maison De Dieu. The House of God. The Lightning-Struck Tower.”

Tim shivered at the phrase as he stared at the destroyed building.

“The tower of previous concepts is destroyed by the lightning flash of truth. The tower has died, and it is now the d...

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