Miracles And Misfortunes: The Reading Chapter 2 (2)
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“In order for the cards to speak their truth, they must first learn who the questioner is. You must shuffle the cards yourself. As you shuffle, think about what you wish to know. Infuse the cards with your questions.”

He thought of Marcus’ pained expression as he recalled his final reading, and he could feel his hands begin to sweat. Gripping the cards tightly, he pulled them towards him, cradling them like a newborn as he began to shuffle them. He struggled to focus on the questions inside of his heart, but his mind refused to relinquish its focus on Marcus’ terror.

Gradually, though, images of the Oracle and the Creature replaced those of his friend. He thought of the sequence of bizarre events he saw in the Oracle’s crystal ball. His heart and mind coalesced and he stoppe...

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Table of Contents

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