Miracles And Misfortunes: The Reading Chapter 2 (1)
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Tim sat on the edge of his bed staring blankly at the clock.

“Seven o’clock. Getting late,” he thought.

Raindrops pattered softly against his bedroom window. The power had been back on for a few days, but Tim had been too preoccupied to enjoy any of the amenities it provided. He vowed to visit Rhianna later in the week, and now, with the hour finally upon him, he did his best to steady his nerves.

A sudden clap of thunder made him jump and he cursed silently as his heart skipped a beat. With a final deep breath, he dragged himself outside into the night. He had no idea of what to expect from the coming session, but he sensed that it was critical to his future.

The rain intensified as he exited the building. He looked up into the deluge a...

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