Miracles And Misfortunes: The Reading Chapter 1 (4)
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“Yeah. It happened right through to the end. When it was over, she ushered me out and begged me never to ask her to do a reading again. I’m not sure if she saw something that she didn’t share with me, or if the whole experience had just terrified her.

“I watched as she pulled the drapes on the shop and closed it in the middle of the day. I tried to look inside to make sure that she was alright. The last thing I saw was her running into a small room with an altar that she has in the back. It’s where she performs spiritual cleansings. I think she was trying to rid herself of the darkness that I had brought upon her…”

“Aw, come on man. It’s not your fault! How could you have known that all of that would happen? If even she didn’t see...

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Table of Contents

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