Lusus Naturae II: The Man With No Face Chapter 5
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Lucy was standing outside in the yard removing the laundry from the clothesline when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her skull; it was as if her head had been slammed against a concrete slab. She cried out and fell to her knees, sensing immediately that something terrible had happened to her beloved.

A dark army of clouds appeared in the sky, eclipsing the sun. The wind picked up suddenly, tossing her hair as it shrieked violently through the fields around her. Horses whinnied uneasily as other livestock howled and hooted in response to the changing weather.

Stumbling to her feet, Lucy fled for the safety of the house, stopping on the front step to throw a final glance to the heavens. The wind whipped the clotheslines, transforming them into swirling jump-ropes as she watched the...

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