Lusus Naturae II: The Man With No Face Chapter 4 (1)
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Tony woke up with a start—his heartbeat erratic as he tried to gain his bearings. Sunlight washed over his face and he began to calm down as he realized he was safe in his bedroom. A moment later, he heard a loud, shrieking whistle and he screamed out, looking up instinctively; the piercing sound cut off almost immediately and Lucy came running frantically into the room.

“Tony! What’s wrong?” she asked, grasping him in her arms.

“What was that whistling?” Tony asked, his eyes bulging with fear.

“I was only making tea, my love. I didn’t mean to startle you!”

Lucy’s face contorted with concern. Tony fell back onto his pillow with an exhausted sigh of relief; he was utterly drained from his nightmare. Before Lucy cou...

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