Lusus Naturae II: The Man With No Face Chapter 3 (2)
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A second body slammed to the ground barely a yard away and he realized that they were in grave danger. Jay was screaming hysterically, and so Tony pressed the boy firmly into his mother’s arms, instructing her to close her eyes and to cover her ears. He grabbed her by the hand and began to run, flinching with each new earthbound corpse splattering against the pavement.

Lucy did what she could to shield her son from the carnage, pressing his face against her slight bosom and holding him in a bear hug so that her arms muffled his hearing. When she could no longer bear the terrible sound of the bodies plummeting to the street she began to sing a lullaby into her son’s ear, doing her best to distract herself from the reverberations of the impacts; by the time the trio had reached Ninth Avenue, th...

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