Lusus Naturae II: The Man With No Face Chapter 3 (1)
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At first, everything appeared to be in order. Tony was walking through Manhattan’s skyscraper valleys with his wife and a small child—a boy, his future son. They were strolling along the paths next to the West Side Highway, enjoying a placid summer day. Skaters and cyclists zipped by at a steady clip as people stood on line at the Circle Line Cruise ticket office. Sunlight struck his golden wedding band, glinting magnificently and bringing a smile to his face.

“Hon? Would you like to take a water tour today?”

She grinned and nodded as her eyes opened wide in excitement. An enormous speedboat roared to a stop as it drifted towards the dock. Dozens of awed passengers departed the vessel, discussing in thrilled voices how awesome the ride had been.

Lucy looked at Ton...

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