Revelations Chapter 4 (3)
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Both men laughed as Marcus rose from the table, excusing himself to the living room; when he returned, he had an unopened bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue in his hand.

“What do you say, Tim? Care for a drink?”

Tim wasn’t a huge scotch drinker, but he knew the value of what Marcus was holding.

“Definitely! But are you sure you want to open that now?”

Marcus nodded in affirmation, removing two rocks glasses from the top shelf of a cabinet above the kitchen counter. He washed them both out, drying them with a paper towel before he removed the seal on the bottle.

“I don’t drink much, and I rarely have company. I was given this by a well-meaning co-worker at a children’s charity that I had been at for awhile. I had done some volu...

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