Revelations Chapter 1 (2)
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“It is coming for you, Tim, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The first has already fallen, and soon the rest will too. Death for the masses will come from within, but you? You cannot avoid the fire in the sky.”

Blood and brain matter oozed from where the spike had punctured the skull, trickling down Jack’s face as he spoke. When he finished, his skin began to melt away. Enormous pustules filled with thick yellow liquid began to surface.

As the skin around them loosened, they burst, spraying Tim with their putrid contents. He screamed as the liquid hit his bare arms; it was extremely hot but left no burns as he quickly scraped it off with his hands.

Soon, the remaining skin of Jack’s disembodied head disappeared, leaving a bare, pristine, white skull that...

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Table of Contents

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