Time Spent Away: The First Fall Chapter 5 (2)
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He ran towards the forest’s edge and broke off a number of sturdy low-lying branches from the trees nearest him. He returned to the fallen boy and tossed the sticks into a pile. He sprinted out to the field that spread out before the crevasse and removed a handful of sturdy grass and leaves. Swallowing hard, he came back to Robbie’s side and braced himself for what he was about to do.

Gently, he lifted the boy’s mangled lower leg. Robbie began to squirm and Tim thought that he was about to awaken. Moving quickly, he managed to get the leg into a nearly straight position, though the bone still stuck out towards the boy’s thigh. Placing some of the sticks on either side of the limb, he attempted to fashion a splint, but the grass tore as he tried to tighten it into knots. Cold s...

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