Time Spent Away: The First Fall Chapter 4 (2)
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A small brook babbled happily through a large clearing. Confused and intrigued, he inched cautiously towards it; he knew he was no longer home. As he approached the edge of the water, he sensed a presence behind him causing him to turn around with a start; a lonely cabin sat towards the edge of the clearing with a pile of firewood stacked neatly against its wall.

Standing off to the side of the house was the—

“Oracle!” The white-cloaked woman looked up in surprise.

“Nay, ‘tis not right!” she cried.

Tim began to walk towards her.

“This is it! This is my chance to find out what is going on!” he thought.

The Oracle’s face filled with alarm as he approached. Suddenly, she brought the two forefingers of her right hand to...

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