Time Spent Away: The First Fall Chapter 3 (2)
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“It was good,” Tim said, seasoning his eggs as he ate a forkful of his mother’s world famous breakfast potatoes.

“Made a new friend, got rid of a girlfriend,” he said rapidly, trying to wolf down the food as quickly as his hands could bring it to his mouth; his mother had been right about his appetite.

“Oh?” his parents said in unison.

Tim chuckled.

“Yeah. It’s a long story.”

“Well, we hope to hear it sometime this weekend. For now, though, you just eat, okay?” Susan said, shooting Steven a look.

Tim nodded, shoveling his breakfast into his mouth between sips of juice and coffee. The food had an otherworldly delectability to it. It could have been simply because of his appetite, but he thought it mi...

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