Time Spent Away: The First Fall Chapter 2 (2)
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With terror blooming, he recognized that the fluid streaking the walls was actually blood. Splintered wood and shattered bones littered the floor, and it was then that he realized that the heavy door hadn’t been opened but was ripped almost completely off of its hinges. He felt his legs quiver as he inspected the marks on the mangled wood and saw that they were bite marks.

As he exited the room, he noticed that more doors on the right side of the corridor had been torn off. The strange characters etched above the archway of each door seemed suddenly to move, changing before his eyes. He stared at them as they morphed into what at first appeared to be Greek before changing to legible English characters.

When their motion had ceased, the letters formed two words: Oneiroi Phobetor. He looked ab...

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