Time Spent Away: The First Fall Chapter 1 (1)
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Time Spent Away

The First Fall


Tim rubbed his arid eyes as he exited the train. He yawned as he took out his cell phone, looking at the time; it was just past five in the morning. He had dozed in fits, awaking each time the train made a stop, never fully falling asleep; he was exhausted but had been spared another encounter with his nightmare.

He made his way across the empty platform to the few cabs waiting outside. The overhead lights glared off of the bright yellow vehicles, causing Tim to squint his already tired eyes. He entered a taxi, gave the man his parents’ address, and leaned back against the hard cushioned seat.

Forty five minutes later, Tim watched as alternating bands of light fell over him as the cab drove beneath the hazy orange glow of t...

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