Lusus Naturae: The Lion in the Desert Chapter 3 (1)
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Dr. Brody leaned back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head.

“What a long road it has been…” he mused.

He felt the test tube roll in his pocket, as if beckoning him to caress it; he obliged willingly. Sufficiently indulged by his trip down memory lane, he stood up, leaving the journal open; he would be penning his final entry soon enough.

Unable to bend his stiff legs fully, he shuffled across the lab to a nondescript black filing cabinet. Using a key hidden beneath a floor tile, he unlocked the second drawer from the top, pulling it open and reaching back as far as he could. Fiddling with the drawer’s panel, he finally managed to slide it up, removing the false backing from the metal bin and revealing a secret space within the cabinet....

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