Lusus Naturae: The Lion in the Desert Chapter 2 (1)
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Dr. Brody stood still and closed his eyes, enjoying the silence that pervaded the lab. The quiet thrum of the various incubators and centrifuges was momentarily hushed, leaving only the sound of the good doctor’s blood beating serenely and rhythmically within his ears. He surveyed his surroundings and, surprisingly, he smiled.

Fond memories abounded everywhere he turned: the first time that he injected a mouse with the virus; the first time that he was able to transmit the pathogen successfully without a syringe; and the first time that he mutated the virus, even after the idiot Captain said it couldn’t be done…especially after that. So many moments to reflect upon, and so little time left to do so.

He crossed the room, stirring the motion-sensing lights to life as he appro...

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