Tim: The Party Chapter 3 (4)
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Tim felt anger cascading through him like magma in his veins. It was not Anne’s disrespect of him, but rather the language that she used towards the woman from the elevator that drew his ire; in a way, he felt like he had to defend her honor.

Thinking of her calmed him, and he found himself suddenly composed. He smiled as Anne eyed him suspiciously.

“Actually, she’s not my girlfriend, Anne…”

Anne opened her mouth to speak but Tim raised a finger in the air, silencing her with it as he pointed at her.

“…and, for that matter, neither are you.”

The silence that followed was deafening. Anne looked as if Tim had just reached out across the room and slapped her. Some of the female onlookers wore stunned expressions of disbelief, whil...

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