Tim: The Party Chapter 1 (5)
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When it reached his toes, he attempted to allow the wave to pull up and to separate his astral body, but he had no success. Disheartened, he made a second and then third attempt, to no avail. He could feel his focus slipping as the music grew louder and the lyrics more discernible; it was as if he had fallen up a few levels of consciousness on his way to the astral plane. He had worked so hard to reach this point, the last thing he wanted to do now was to give up and to walk away.

Once more, he turned to his guide.

“Jack—please help me…” he thought.

“Do as I do…” a voice said.

He was unsure of whether it was Jack’s doppelganger or Daphne who had spoken to him. Trusting the voice, he dove down once again into himself, desc...

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