Tim: The Party Chapter 1 (4)
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“Now, please join hands with the person on either side of you and close your eyes. Listen only to the sound of my voice. Allow the music to bleed into the background, blocking out any interfering noises that would prevent you from concentrating on the task at hand.”

Tim closed his eyes as he listened to the music. It was soft and soothing—the singer’s voice ethereal and relaxing. Daphne cleared her throat, and when she continued speaking, her voice had grown slightly husky. Tim was amazed by how smooth and seductive it had become; it was like liquid silk pouring into his ears.

“Keeping your eyes closed, I want you all to focus on your breathing. Feel its rhythm, and lose yourself in it. Inhale slowly through your nose. In…yes…now exhale through your mouth, slowl...

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