Tim: The Party Chapter 1 (3)
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“Alright. It’s time to form the circle,” Daphne announced.

Tim watched as the others made their way to the carpet. Realizing that he, too, was being summoned, he began walking towards Marcus, hoping to get a seat next to him. He watched as each of Anne’s two friends sat astride his new friend, offering Tim a snide smirk. He turned around and froze, unsure of which way he should go to find a place to sit; he felt like he was engaged in the world’s most inept performance of musical chairs.

Finally, when the penultimate guest was seated, Daphne motioned for Tim to sit next to her…and Anne. He turned his attention completely to Daphne as she began to speak.

“Thank you all so much for coming! Tonight is an exciting night for us all as we prepare to emb...

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