Tim: The Party Chapter 1 (2)
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Conversation resumed, and Tim felt like a huge heel. For a moment, he considered just leaving; he had nothing to lose by simply exiting stage left. He could always call Anne and dump her over the phone or just stop taking her calls. Deep down, though, something told him to stay; once more, he experienced a moment that felt like Fate intervening.

He heard snickering coming from across the room and recognized Anne’s cronies from the fire escape. A group of three—two women and a large, muscular man—sat on the large couch, immersed in chatter. These women paid Tim absolutely no attention, but the man tossed him a nod, whether out of pity or courtesy Tim couldn’t tell; he excused himself from his company, stood up, and approached Tim.

He had appeared large when he was sitting but...

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Table of Contents

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