Tim: The Party Chapter 1 (1)
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The Party


After an uneventful rush hour commute, Tim arrived at the address Anne had given him in the voicemail. He stared up at the dilapidated SoHo apartment complex and took in its wretched majesty. Looking at the rusty fire escape that jutted out from the building’s exterior, he saw a group of women standing outside of the third floor window.

They conversed amiably as they faced the street below. Two of them wore similar pairs of shorts and tank tops that flattered their well-toned figures; Tim noticed only the malignant scowl on the face of the third.

Anne waved down at him impatiently and rolled her eyes. She turned and whispered something to the two women, causing them both to look down at Tim and to laugh simultaneously; he could feel his face grow hot with anger and e...

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