Tim: The Elevator Chapter 3 (2)
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“On the elevator—not even five minutes ago—I saw a woman. It had stopped between floors, the doors opened, and, I swear to you Jack, instead of the wall I saw a girl standing in a field. I could see the sun—I could smell the grass and the flowers. Hell, I even felt the breeze!

“When she looked at me…it just felt so strange. It was as if I knew her, or that this had happened before somehow. Dammit, I just don’t know!”

Tim slammed his fist against the chair, shaking his head in despair; Jack remained silent.

“Then, earlier today, on the train, I was reading this article about chemical warfare and terror attacks and…”

Tim struggled to continue as images from the event flashed through his mind.

“There was a m...

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