Tim: The Elevator Chapter 1 (3)
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Jack rested his chin on his folded hands, staring intently at Tim, allowing him his silence.

“…is because…I’m afraid of being alone. Or I’m afraid of being hurt again. I don’t think I’d survive it, Jack. Not again.”

Jack nodded solemnly; he had been there through the whole ordeal.

“I don’t want to be alone, but I’m just as afraid of committing to anyone the way that I did with Deb. Maybe I wound up with Anne because I knew that we’d never reach that level, but, by just being with her, I wouldn’t be alone.”

“Tim—you’ll never get over Deb if you hold onto that fear. You’ll see her in every woman you will ever love from here on out. If that’s the case, then what would be the point? Y...

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Table of Contents

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