Tim: The Encounter Chapter 6 (1)
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The elevator doors opened, and Tim and the young camper exited. The recollection of the fight made him cringe, but, deep down, Tim knew that all had been forgiven; if anything, he was the one who was still making it an issue.

His parents never brought Deb up again, and now he was finally seeing someone new. He didn’t really think of her as a girlfriend as much as someone to stave off the pangs of loneliness. When pressed, he would use the label but never with much conviction. In fact, the thought of having to introduce her to his parents was inconceivable.

As he exited the building, he heard a muffled beep coming from his pocket. He reached his hand inside and pulled out his phone, seeing that he had missed a call. As he inputted his security code, the voicemail prompt...

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