Tim: The Encounter Chapter 4 (2)
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Frowning, he poured the thick smoothie into a plastic bottle, covered it with a lid, and began to drink. Ignoring the television, he picked up his phone, entered his pass code, and then opened a weather app. He switched the default location from Manhattan to Hammermill, New York, relieved to see that the tiny Adirondack town would be enjoying slightly cooler temperatures than the city.

After checking out a few financial newsfeeds, he chugged the last of his drink, washing the empty bottle and blender parts in the sink. He shook his hands, dried them on a towel, and then shut off the television before heading into his bedroom to get dressed for work. He had already packed his clothes for the weekend and needed only to grab a few work-related and entertainment items for the long train ride north.


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